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We haven’t been suggesting specific wines that pair well with Coco du Vin, but it seems like it’s time to start. I’ve conducted a number of tastings and a couple of wines keep bubbling to the surface as excellent choices to pair with our specially blended chocolates. Our tasting crew gravitates toward the reds so in this article we’ll focus on those.

 A nice little wine out of Australia is absolutely brilliant when paired with Coco du Vin. Called “Bitch” you may not want to show the bottle to your guests because of its name. It is a provocatively named 100% Grenache from R Wines. We sampled their 2008 vintage. Very reasonably priced, it is not widely available and seems to be only available in limited quantities. It is a very fruity medium bodied red that is very mellow and aromatic. It is a fantastic pairing with our 65% single source chocolate and absolutely brilliant with our 54%. You really have to give this one a try.

 Another beautiful and moderately priced wine is from Liberty Creek Vineyards out of Modesto, CA. Our tasters really liked the Winemakers Selection Merlot. This is a very fruity medium bodied Merlot. It doesn’t have a lot of tannins but is rich in oak and fruit notes. The sample we tried didn’t have a vintage. It paired especially well with our 72% dark chocolate but worked well with the entire kit offering very distinctive flavor notes when paired with each of the different chocolates.

 The last wine we’ll recommend today could really be classed “a grocery store” wine. We don’t usually test too many of these but one of our tasters brought it in because he liked it so much. A Beringer® Founders’ Estate out of Napa, CA, this is a California old vine Zinfandel from 2007. This is a really nice full bodied Zinfandel that works well with all the chocolates. Fairly full bodied it has a somewhat earthy flavor for a Zin. It is actually rather complex and works best with our 65% single source, 54% dark and 41% milk chocolates. The woody notes and grape flavors shine through with the darks and the milky notes of the 41% really let the chocolate flavors shine through. We’ll be on the lookout for more “old vine” Zin’s in the future!

 Give these a try and let us know what you think…

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