Tasting Notes

We haven’t been suggesting specific wines that pair well with Coco du Vin™, but it seems like it’s time to start. I’ve conducted a number of tastings and a couple of wines keep bubbling to the surface as excellent choices to pair with our specially blended chocolates. Our tasting crew gravitates toward the reds so [...]

Wine Suggestions!

http://thewinewitch.net This great little website was such a treat! She is quite prolific in her wine reviews, posting about once a week, and her tastes are quite varied. I was glad to see, through her posts, that she is willing to try new things. I hope to follow her advice and try some of the wines she’s [...]

Wine Sites: The Wine Witch

Tasting is a process. It takes some practice but it’s really pretty easy. There are two things people often do that prevents the flavors from coming through. Taste, don’t eat. Don’t just eat the chocolate or drink the wine. Start by opening up your senses. Smell the wine. Think about what you a smelling. Smell the chocolate. [...]

How to Taste